Training on the Outside Edge!

Trainer Chris Pierce has been providing small group and personal off-ice training to top hockey prospects in Halifax for the past 6 years.  During this time Chris has put much of his focus into highly personalized programs for Shane Bowers who played in the 2015 Canada Games and has been invited to Hockey Canada’s 2015 Under 17 Development Camp.

Outside Edge Elite Training is built on Chris’s philosophy that every athlete is unique!  In order for each individual athlete to reach their potential, they must be challenged physically and mentally in a program that recognizes their personal strengths and weaknesses.  Chris believes that there is no one-size fits all program that can maximize any given athletes’ performance.

Using Chris’s philosophy that every athlete needs specialized training and conditioning, Outside Edge Elite Training is committed to providing personal and small group programs.  Although there are fundamental aspects to various segments of each program, there is also room for specialization in each individual’s routines.  For instance, one athlete may require more work on their foot speed versus their peer who needs more work on their core strength.

The program that Chris builds for each athlete or small group is designed to help the individual or participants to gain confidence in their physical and mental capabilities.